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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

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HVAC maintenance is important not just in our household but also in industrial and commercial buildings. If you let your air duct system to accumulate dirt, it will be a risk to your health and affect your respiratory system. Apart from health reasons, air duct cleaning is necessary to prevent your HVAC system from malfunctioning. Maintenance is actually cheaper than HVAC unit repair.Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

The use of equipment

Air duct cleaning services require having the right equipment for the job. Assessment is done first and once they have the result, which actually depends on the quantity and type of dirt present on ducts, the tools and equipment to be used will be identified. The cleaning service provider has different levels and each level uses different sets of tools.

When they need to perform level 1 brush cleaning, brushes are the main tools. Air duct companies have manual brushes, electric long reach cable brushes, and may also have the robotic cleaning systems that have many rotating brushes inside.

Another stage is level 2 air whipping and with this, the tools being used are single whip systems, tri-whip systems, and eight-whip systems.

Level 3 air wash cleaning uses high pressure air and the tools used to do this are blow guns, forward skipper lines, and reverse skipper lines. Contact vacuuming is another cleaning process and the tool used for this is wet or dry HEPA filtered vacuums.

Without the right equipment, cleaning air ducts will not be done perfectly. In the entire process, the assessment plays an important part because this is where you will know the type of dirt and debris present inside your system. Proper identification will be the basis of choosing the right equipment and cleaning agents. Air duct cleaning Castaic recommends assessing and planning well, so that your ducts will be clean all year round.

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