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Uncover some of the best air duct maintenance tips straight from the experts. Learn the secrets to improving indoor air quality

A few things to remember

It is indeed possible for any homeowner to clean their own air ducts. However, remember that you can only cover so much on your own. To yield the best results on your own, the experts of Air Duct Cleaning Castaic suggest that you get started on cleaning the duct as soon as you can while there still isn’t much dirt in the ducts.

The dangers of dirty air ducts

Yearly air duct maintenance is considered important because the dirt trapped in your air ducts can turn the environment uncomfortable for everyone living inside. That much is certain, but the dangers brought about by a dirty air duct can extend further than that. For instance, the dust particles can cause damage to electronic appliances. It can also have an effect on your appliances and furniture.

Replace old air ducts

Air duct replacement is recommended by our experts in Castiac when the ducts are damaged or very old. In these cases, you will have problems with energy loss and won't have good temperatures indoors. The crevices among ducts will increase the amount of bacteria with consequences on your health.

Clean the condenser unit as well

HVAC maintenance must include the cleaning of the whole unit along with the external part of the system. Condenser unit cleaning is very important because it gets very dirty and elements must be removed efficiently. This way, the unit will work better and last longer.

Clean air filters regularly

Air filter cleaning must become your habit. If the HVAC system works for many hours every day, you should wash the filters frequently. Clean filters will do a better job collecting dust and keeping dirt from entering your house or office according to our air duct cleaning company in Castaic. You can also check them for damages.

Remove molds and bacteria

Molds are caused by a combination of warm and humid conditions where they thrive. Our experts say that using commercial products that kill microbes and bacteria should do the trick in removing molds. It’s important to get rid of them because they are hazardous to the health.

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