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Why Air Duct Cleaning Can Save Energy

02/14/2014 Back To Blog

Many homeowners remain a little overwhelmed by their HVAC unit. Repair, maintenance and cleaning are usually avoided unless an issue develops. However, this approach can actually end up costing you a great deal in increased energy bills and potential HVAC or air duct repair costs. A number of homeowners have already discovered the savings they can actually benefit from simply by having regular air duct cleaning.


Air duct cleaning Castaic is frequently asked about whether the cost of home air duct cleaning can be recouped and whether it is worth doing.  This is quite surprising considering the great numbers of homeowners concerned about their carbon footprint. Even discounting the benefit of improved indoor air quality, home owners could benefit financially and environmentally from cleaning their ducts.


Ducts can be round, square or rectangular

Your ducts are usually constructed out of sheet metal and can be round, square or rectangular. The ducts are responsible for the transportation of heated or cooled air throughout your home.  Particles of dirt, dust and other debris can accumulate within the ducts which forces your system to work harder to perform effectively. According to research conducted for the Environmental Protection Agency, removing even less than half an inch of debris from your air ducts could cut your energy usage by up to twenty one percent. This can have a big impact on your energy bills and the environmental damage caused by wasted electricity.


This type of accumulated debris can also put a strain on the components of your system and increase the risk of a breakdown. This would then entail more cost and resources for replacement parts or even a whole unit replacement.  If you are concerned about your energy bills or decreasing your carbon footprint, you should consider regular cleaning of your ducts and vents. This will not only save energy but will create a much cleaner and fresher environment in your home for all your family to enjoy.

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